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Cat Barbieri launches the Light Year label.

Italian composer Caterina Barbieri (Bologna, 1990) has launched her own record label, Light Years, which aims to become a multidisciplinary platform where, in addition to records, she launches audiovisual material and projects related to art and fashion, as well as promoting live shows in which she engages with artists close to home. The first record release is a ten-minute single, Knot of Spirit, the result of a collaboration between Barbieri and the American singer and performance artist Lyra Pramuk. The first of the concerts promoted by Light Years, which will also serve as a presentation of the label, will take place on Friday 30 July as part of the Nextones festival, and will feature the Norwegian saxophonist Bendik Giske and the DJ and producer nkisiii at the Tones Teatro Natura, accompanied by the images created by the German artist Marcel Weber / MFO.