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Pilar Rius and Neopercusión, with Castilla Ávila.

The guitarist Pilar Rius Fortea and the group Neopercusión took part on Monday in the concert “Exchange of Instrumental Techniques”, which was held in the Aula Magna of the University of Salzburg and whose main protagonist was the composer Agustín Castilla Ávila, an author who has been living in Austria for several years. The Spanish guitarist performed the world premiere of Something to do with a Harp and Neopercusión, in its entirety, participated in the performance of Homage à Trois (for three percussionists in a string trio). One of its members, Juanjo Guillém performed ¡Cajones! 1 (for percussionist on guitar) and Rafa Gálvez participated, together with the Cygnus Ensemble, in the world premiere of Mycelium (for violist, cellist, guitarist and percussionist in an installation of four electric guitars).

© Photograph provided by Agustín Castilla Ávila himself.