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“Symphony ‘Highlander'”, by Tomasz Sroczynski.

Polish composer and violinist Tomasz Sroczyński (Radomsko, 1987) has just released his Symphony No. 2 ‘Highlander’ on the French label Icy D’Ailleurs. Known for his Symphony No. 1 ‘Resurrection’ (released in 2017 on Sygnal Records) and his variations on The Rite of Spring, together with Jerzy Mazzoll, Sroczyński has crafted an extraordinary forty-two-minute composition in four movements that oscillates between repetitive minimalism (Moderato Pastorale), dark ambient and drone (Adagio), folk melancholy (Diablak) and electronics (Highlander), where the musician focuses on the timbre of the sound, and the strings take over the melody from the synthetic line.