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Double concert by Luis Delgado at the SGAE.

Luis Delgado, the Spanish musician and composer (Madrid, 1956), will be the absolute protagonist of the first day of the concert series El viaje infinito, organised by the Fundacion SGAE in the Sala Berlanga (Andrés Mellado, 53). Tomorrow’s programme consists of two distinct parts. In the first, entitled Viajes sonoros, Delgado will give a concert in which he will show the different sonorities of some twenty ethnic instruments from all over the world, brought to Madrid from the Museo de la Música that Delgado owns in the town of Urueña in the province of Valladolid. In the second part of the concert, Luis Delgado joins composer Joaquín Pardinilla and singer and composer Maria José Hernández, with whom he forms the group Vivere Memento, to present their album of centenary Aragonese, Sephardic and English songs, entitled La puerta de la memoria.

© Photo downloaded from Luis Delgado’s website.