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“A estranha beleza da vida”, by Rodrigo Leão.


On 8 and 9 October, Portuguese composer Rodrigo Leao premiered live at the Teatro Circo in Braga the compositions of A extranha beleza da vida, which is released today on all digital platforms. The album features special collaborations with Canadian Michelle Gurevich – on the opening track, Friend of a Friend -, Kurt Wagner (frontman of Lambchop) – on Who can Resist -, the young Portuguese artist Surma – on O ovo do tempo – and the Spanish Martirio – on Voz de sal -, all of them singers, and the guitarist Martirio – on Voz de sal, all of them singers, and the guitarist from Cadiz, Suso Saiz, the most international figure of Spanish ambient music, who takes part in the piece that gives the album its title, a faithful reflection of his enormous musical personality, hypnotic and mesmerising.