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Performance by Fátima Miranda in Marseille.

As part of the La Friche programme of the International Festival Les Instants Vidéo (Numériques et Poétiques) in Marseille, the Spanish composer, singer and performer Fátima Miranda (Salamanca, 1952) will perform her concert-performance Living Room Room tomorrow Wednesday at 21:15 at Salle de la Catornnerie (41 Rue Jobin). The show is defined as “a single voice supported by a refined poetic, gestural, visual and humorous component, enough to touch the deepest part of us”. Born from an ethno-minimalist sensibility, Fátima Miranda performs alone on stage, “to encourage a conscious listening that culminates in interaction with the audience and with the silent sound inherent in the architecture of each place”. Premiered in 2019 at La Casa Encendida, at that time RTVE made a special programme of La aventura del saber which can be seen on its Play RTVE channel.

© Photo downloaded from the website of the Festival International Les Instants Video.