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Concert by Boost Percussion at the Juan March.

Tomorrow Saturday, at 12:00, the Fundacion Juan March in Madrid offers in its Saturday Concerts the performance of the Boost Percussion Group, with a programme entitled Noise, Pulse, Rhythm: the World of Percussion. This didactic concert explores rhythm, according to the programme, “from its most basic conception to the most complex polyrhythmic formulations, through eight works composed over the last thirty years. The coexistence on stage of very diverse percussion instruments, with body percussion, everyday objects and recorded electronics, will allow the learning of unsuspected rhythmic and expressive resources”. The selection of works shows the richness and sophistication of other cultures that have inspired Western composers over the last fifty years.

Founded in 2013 in the Madrid town of Alcorcón, Boost has a wide and versatile repertoire that tomorrow will be divided into the following parts: the one dedicated to pulse will feature an excerpt from Le chant du serpent, by the German composer Eckhard Kopetzki, and the third movement of A Man With a Gun Lives Here, by the American Steve Snowden. Rhythm will be represented by Nocturne, by the Hungarian Mátyás Wettle; Ceci n’est pas une balle, by the French Alexandre Esperet, and an excerpt from Gyro, by the Israeli Tomer Yariv. Finally, to explain polymetry, there will be Madeira River, taken from Philip Glass’ Waters of Amazonia, arranged by Peter Martin and Third Coast Percussion; a fragment of Tenju-ji Dry Mountain Stream, from the Six Japanese Gardens by Finnish composer Kaija Saariaho, and Part II, from Marimba Spiritual by Japanese composer Minuro Miki.

© Photograph of the Boost Percussion Group, downloaded from their website.