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The BBVA Foundation brings together the composers Raquel García Tomás and Alberto Carretero for a conversation in its series of “Dialogues between creators”.

Since last March, the BBVA Foundation has been developing a series of activities that complements its Leonardo Grants programme and brings together at its Madrid headquarters in the Palacio del Marqués de Salamanca (Paseo de Recoletos, 10) several of the scientists, researchers and cultural creators (artists, writers and musicians) who have been awarded grants, with the aim of “talking about the topics and resources they use or how they understand and develop the process of creation itself”, among other issues. The fifth and last meeting of the current cycle of Dialogues between creators will take place tomorrow, 8 June, and will be entitled Opera: A creative challenge beyond music and consists of a conversation between the composers Raquel García Tomás and Alberto Carretero, recipients of grants for the production, respectively, of the opera Alexina B – premiered on 18 March at the Liceu Theatre in Barcelona – and the Renacer project, for the composition, production and recording of the video-opera of the same title, carried out in 2022 in Vienna, with the participation of the Ensemble Phace, directed by Nacho de Paz.

The meeting between the two creators will be held tomorrow at 19:30 at the Palacio del Marqués de Salamanca and is free until full capacity is reached, but attendance must be requested at .

The BBVA Foundation launched the Leonardo Grants programme in 2014 and placed the areas of literary creation, theatre, music and opera on an equal footing with those in the field of research. The first of the objectives was to offer creators with a solid career the opportunity to create a personal project with total freedom, but with the aspiration of giving visibility to this community of talent.the format chosen to carry out this meeting between creators, allows its protagonists to establish an open dialogue where they themselves can choose and propose recommendations or references to the attendees. Whether it be readings, musical auditions or the viewing of audiovisual material on the theme on which the meeting revolves.

© Photograph of Raquel García Tomás downloaded from the BBVA Foundation website.