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From July 15, the VanderLinde Foundation in Montánchez offers the opportunity to immerse oneself in the fascinating world of free improvisation through a unique multimedia exhibition. This exhibition features 20 outstanding artists in the fields of music, video art, painting, movement and free body expression. Here, creativity unfolds in real time and emotions are unleashed without restraint. The exhibition allows to explore and experience an art form that is increasingly appreciated and truly alive.

The VIDEOACÚSTICA project carried out by Paco Utray and Luis Lamadrid at the Fundación VanderLinde in Montánchez is a unique collaboration that fuses visual art and music in a surprising and captivating way. The combination of moving images and sounds give life to a multisensory experience full of emotions and textures.

Videoacústica transcends conventional boundaries. In this project, each carefully selected image is intertwined with the sounds, generating an enveloping synergy that stimulates our senses and awakens our imagination, amplifying the field of free improvisation by integrating the observer’s vision to the event.

The project counts with the collaboration of more than 20 artists from different collectives that work with free musical improvisation and performance in the city of Madrid. VIDEOACÚSTICA is a videographic artistic creation project in the field of free improvisation music. It is an experimental research on the possibilities of audiovisual contribution to the contemporary musical creation of free improvisation. With the incorporation of video to music, body movement, performance and dance come into play as expressive elements.

We also present the documentary essay directed by Jorge Abánades Hierba Entre Los Adoquines. Planned and led by En Busca Del Pasto, this film, elaborated as an essay-documentary, shows this diversity through some thirty free improvisers based in the same city (Madrid), exploring the backbone of this peculiar practice: spontaneity, risk and experimentation; resistance and tolerance; openness, dialogue and solidarity among black sheep. A music that oscillates between aesthetic reflection, political stance and playful and therapeutic dispersion. Between the rare, the delicate and the wild. A practice outside the official circuits and markets, but very alive, very open, very free, like the grass that grows between the cobblestones. A film about music and life.

Among the improvisers we have the work of Carlos del Olmo, an architect painter, who works exclusively live during the improvisers’ performances. His painting is like a direct transcription of sound, gesture and perceived energy. In the video recordings, even the sound of his pencils drawing has been captured, thus closing the loop of expression, sound and image.

Finally, we present the Poefonías by Ferran Destemple. In his audiovisuals we can see the influence of a movement that developed in Italy thanks to Enzo Minarelli and that, from the end of the 80’s, took strong roots in Catalonia. This is Polipoesía, which seeks to recover the antecedents of phonetic and sound poetry and update them with the technical and conceptual means of postmodernity. By the way, chance is one of the motors of these poems, more precisely the chance that the surrealists called objective. This type of chance works as a guide in a certain way and synchronizes a chance event with that which is haunting us. Improvisation, then, changes its meaning.

Alwin van der Linde
Director Fundación VanderLinde