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Spanish composer Jaime del Adarve presents in Madrid his first two EPs and a preview of “Montañas y antenas”, his first LP.

The Spanish composer Jaime del Adarve (Córdoba, 1988) performs this Saturday at 21:00 at the Centro de Creación e Investigación Cultural La Tortuga (Espada, 6), located in the Madrid neighbourhood of Lavapiés. The concert is the presentation in the capital of Spain of their first two EPs, Neu, released in 2023 through Piano and Coffee Records, and Las Horas, which will be launched on digital platforms on 23 February, and which show a neoclassical style, in the vein of composers like Ólafur Arnalds, Sven Helbig and Nils Frahm. The concert will also feature the nine pieces that make up Montañas y antenas, his first album, already recorded but without a definitive release date.

Jaime del Adarve is the stage name of Jaime Bermúdez Escamilla, who is known professionally for his work as the creator of the music for video games such as Hotel Transylvania 4, Paw Patrol the Movie, Summer in Mara, Effie, Unmemory, Wordless and Hypnos, and films such as Downbound Wayfarer, by Juan Felipe Balcázar, as well as creating sound effects for other films and short films. Del Adarve is also a professor of interactive music at the University of Barcelona, where he lives.