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Aaron Dilloway publishes “Lucy & Aaron”.

The American composer Aaron Dilloway, founder of the industrial noise band Wolf Eyes and the record label Hanson Records, has just announced the release of two collaborative albums. The first, Lucy & Aaron, already released, is the first album collaboration with the Colombian experimental composer (now living in Berlin, but a neighbour of Barcelona until about three years ago) Lucrecia Dalt, with whom he already collaborated live several years ago –you can read my complete review on this album on the Rockdelux website. The second, Body /Dilloway /Head, which will be released in October on the Three Lobed label, is the result of his collaborations with the band Body / Head, created in 2011 by guitarist Bill Nace and bassist Kim Gordon, just after the latter separated from her partner, Thurston Moore, and ended the history of Sonic Youth, the band they founded together.