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Clara de Asís at the CentroCentro in Madrid.

Now that the summer break is over, CentroCentro resumes the concert programme Winter Journey (Winterreise) based on the song cycle of the same name by Franz Schubert, offering a contemporary vision of these famous pieces by the Austrian composer. The first of the last three concerts of the cycle curated by Desclasificados (Lucia Arnaud and Baldur Bronnimann ) takes place this coming Wednesday, and features the Spanish composer, based in France, Clara de Asís, with the premiere of El lugar donde no se espera, a free reading of Winterreise for guitar, recordings and electronics, which will be performed by the composer herself, one of the most prominent names on the Spanish contemporary experimental music scene.

© Photograph by Gregor Forbes taken at the Klangraum in Düsseldorf last August, downloaded from the website of Clara de Asís.