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The Madrid Actual Festival kicks off.

Tomorrow Tuesday sees the start of a new edition of Madrid Actual, the contemporary music programme organised by the Neopercusión ensemble, which brings together two independent festivals: Konectarte (which has been held for ten years) and Ritmo Vital (which for twenty-two years has featured contemporary classical music and contemporary versions of music from non-Western cultures), which take place in two different locations, the Residencia de Estudiantes in Madrid and the Espacio Ronda (Ronda de Segovia, 50). The first concert corresponds to Konectarte and will take place tomorrow, 28 September, at the Espacio Ronda, with a programme consisting exclusively of The Sinking of the Titanic, one of the emblematic works of the English composer Gavin Bryars, composed between 1969 and 1972 in the most minimalist phase of Bryars’ career, and which will be performed by Neopercusión and Kleine Ensemble.

The following concerts by Neopercusión will take place on 3 October, 16, 21 and 30 November and 14 December. On this last day, for the first time in Spain, a short chamber version of the opera Licht: die sieben Tage der Woche, by Karlheinz Stockhausen, will be presented, with cantant, lasting one hour, taking into account that the complete opera cycle lasts twenty-nine hours).

© Photo provided by Neopercusión.