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“Fragment 94”, by Halvcirkel.

Halvcirkel, the Danish string quartet, today releases Fragment 94, a 35-minute piece composed by fellow Dane Anders Lauge Melgaard (Aalborg, 1980) in 2018 expressly for the quartet currently consisting of Mika Persdotter, Pernille Kristiansen, Bettina Marie Ezaki and Nicole Hogstrand. The work, premiered in February 2019 in Copenhagen, with Anders on electric saxophone, sets to music Fragment 94, a poem written by Danish poet Mette Moestrup (Aarhus, 1969), which is based on Poem 94 by Sappho, the ancient Greek poetess. Moestrup also intervenes on the disc, reading each of the words separately, and the quartet creates, between each word, a whole little dream world.