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The 2021 edition of She Makes Noise begins.

Since 2015 the festival She Makes Noise has been held in Madrid, at the Casa Encendida, with a clear premise: to erase the invisibility of women in the history of electronic music, sound art and audiovisual experimentation. The 2021 edition goes a step further and in the musical section offers a look away from the Europeanist and Caucasian hegemony, showing the work of female composers and artists such as the Taiwanese musicians Sabiwa and Scintii, the Berliner Ziúr, the Brazilian DJ Slim Soledad, the New Yorker Felicia Cheg (known as DJ Dis Fig), the duo Awkward Moments (pictured above, formed by Gillian Maguirec and Mimi Xu). The musical programme is rounded off with a workshop given by the Basque singer-songwriter Ainara LeGardon.

© Photo of Awkward Moments downloaded from the She Makes Noise festival website.