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“Raras Músicas”. Session 105.

The collective Raras Músicas presents in Madrid the hundred and fifth session of free improvisation. Raras Músicas is a space of interaction for musicians and artists interested in live sound improvisation. With nearly a decade of activity, it is an essential reference for live art and musical innovation in the Madrid scene.

In this session, Elsa Mateu (cello), Tomás Lucas (trumpet), Eva O (vocals), Juan Antonio Clemente (guitar), Felipe Yagüe (percussion and vocals), Escaramanga (guitar) and Héctor Agüero (marimbula) will perform.

“Raras Músicas”. Session 105
Friday, November 12, 2021, 20:30.
Secuencia de Inútiles hall, Santocildes Street 2, Madrid.
Metro Embajadores. Donation: 6 €.