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“Ein Konzert ist eine Feuerstelle, María de Alvear”

Conceived as a kind of greeting for María de Alvear Muller’s sixtieth birthday (in reality, the composer was born on 25 October 1960 in Madrid), the German publishing house Wolke Verlag has published, in German only, Ein Konzert ist eine Feuerstelle (A Concert is a Fireplace). Without being a biography, the book, which has been coordinated by the musicologist, music critic and disseminator Egbert Hiller, approaches the personality of the Spanish-German composer from numerous perspectives (her personal world, as well as artistic and musicological aspects), with texts by authors close to De Alvear, such as Hanno Ehrler, Carola Bauckholt, Rainer Nonnenmann, Jürgen Klauke, Johannes S. Sistermanns, Ana de Alvear, José Iges Lebrancon, Kyle Gann, Hans Peter Thurn, Raoul Mörchen and Egbert Hiller himself.