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Lyra Pramuk performs at MoMA’s PS1.

Lyra Pramuk‘s Fountain was one of the great albums of 2020. Recorded with her own voice as the only instrument, the electronic treatments applied to it in the studio ended up creating a sophisticated piece that could be defined as “an orchestra of herself”.

This Friday and Saturday, at 7:30 p.m. EST, Pramuk presents at PS1 – MoMA‘s Queens venue – the American premiere of the chamber orchestra version that the rural Pennsylvania-born, Berlin-based artist has developed over the course of this year with arranger Justin Wong. She will provide vocals and programming, but will be joined on backing vocals by Eliza Bagg and Tomas Cruz, the string quartet of Adrianne Munden-Dixon, Lauren Cauley, Carrie Frey and Julian Henderson, as well as percussionist Matt Evans.

© Photograph by Joseph Kadow downloaded from Lyra Pramuk’s website.