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Miquel Àngel Marín.

Miquel Àngel Marín answers questions from J. G. Entonado:

Javier, I like very much what you raise, these are questions that also interest me especially.

You talk about trumpets. Talking about musical instruments seems important to me. It is like talking about the house in which one lives, a house of resonance, a house that is never inert, an inhabited house, as Bachelard reminds us. 

You say that “those trumpets suggest ideas to me, which could be considered strange…”. This strangeness also seems important to me. A trumpet is never a trumpet, if we are talking about poetry, about metamorphosis. And a dented trumpet is already an altered trumpet, it is already a possibility of poetry, of metamorphosis. The conventional, standard sound comes from an order that has been given and not executed by the poet musician.

“Those trumpets of yours suggest to me that they are related to a specific way of understanding life. 

My vision of the world structures my personality, gives me a spiritual physiognomy. My theory and my practice of the musical world, is my attitude in this musical world. As I relate to the world, that is the syntax of my writings, of my musical writings.

A scattered, found quote: “The body that is inscribed in the text is a scattered body”.

Music is neither an absolute nor a model of anything, least of all goodness and beauty, that is its danger, its black hole.

Fascination with the nature of sound. Searching for something in music beyond the aesthetic. Precisely music, which is the hyperparadigm of the aesthetic, of the beautiful.

Another scattered quote, found: “Literature: a kind of activity rather than a representation”. Who says literature says music.

These were the three rules of the Portsmouth Sinfonia, one of whose founders was Gavin Bryars: 1. Anyone can be part of the orchestra. 2. Attendance at rehearsals is compulsory. 3. Anyone who has studied music is not allowed to play his or her basic instrument. In this orchestra, Brian Eno played the clarinet and Michael Nyman the euphonium.

*Text from  Lacarne Magazine provided by J. G. Entonado

Miquel Ángel Marín is a clarinetist and composer. Trained at the conservatories of Barcelona and Karlsruhe (Germany), he combines the classical repertoire with free improvisation. He has collaborated with orchestras and chamber ensembles around the world. He also works in the fields of musical action, poetry, performance, prepared clarinet and video.