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Italian pianist/composer Olivia Belli performs “Sol Novo” live in Barcelona and Madrid.

The Italian Olivia Belli had accumulated several albums of minimalist piano repertoire (interpreting Philip Glass, Max Richter, Erik Satie or Ludovico Einaudi, as well as Mythical Dances, the four-hand piano album, with music by Stravinsky and George Crumb, with which she debuted in 2008 with her mentor and, later, husband and producer, Enrico Belli), before beginning in 2018 to dedicate herself to her own compositions, with the album Where Night Never Comes.

In fact, Belli had already made a name for herself on Spotify, with more than five million listens and the succession of albums she has been releasing under her own name since then – sometimes short, like Four Moons, on the fiftieth anniversary of man’s landing on the moon; Daguerréotypes or Flowers We Are; sometimes long, like River Path, Mater or Moonlight Recomposed, the tribute she and her husband dedicated to Beethoven on the 250th anniversary of Beethoven’s birth, daring to offer their own electronic arrangements of pieces by the German composer, a project still in progress that Belli will finish in 2027, when the 200th anniversary of his death will be celebrated – have only increased her popularity.

Olivia Belli performs this week in Barcelona (Thursday 21, Sala Nota 79) and Madrid (Saturday 23, Clamores) presenting Sol Novo, her latest album, the first to be released on the Sony Music-owned label XXIM Records, which appeared at the end of last year: an album composed for piano, violin and cello, which may definitively position her as one of the great composers of the current neoclassical and/or post-minimalist scene.

© Photo downloaded from Olivia Belli’s website.