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Free Improvisation Group MoDo Kollectiv.

On Saturday May 7th MoDo Kollective will be presented at ABM Confecciones in Madrid, its innovative project of multidisciplinary free improvisation (music, image, dance, performance).

MoDo Kollectiv is a space for collective experimentation where the aim is to develop a common language halfway between happening and action art. The multidisciplinary nature of the proposal becomes its particular discipline, an amalgam of free improvisation and more or less structured performance that may (or may not) make use of accessory elements and whose result is an unpredictable concretion of the abstract, individual and shared experience, called “Impro-Performance”.

MoDo Kollectiv
Saturday, May 7th 2022, 20:00
ABM Confecciones
C/ Encarnación González 8
<M> Nueva Numancia
Voluntary contribution