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Carles Santos: “The audience I’m interested in is the one that comes from pop and rock”.

Today, 1 July, the pianist and composer Carles Santos (Vinaroz, 1940-2017), would have been 82 years old. To remember him and to encourage anyone reading this to listen to his music, I am rescuing “from the archive” the interview I published in the newspaper Ya on 20 November 1987 on the occasion of the Madrid premiere of his show Arganchulla, arganchulla-gallac, in the now defunct Olimpia hall (where the Valle Inclán theatre is located today, in Lavapiés). Controversial and iconoclastic, in this interview he expressed his disdain for the “normal-average audience of contemporary music” and for the officialdom of the avant-garde… When reading the article, always bear in mind the year in which the interview was conducted