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Malaga, Madrid and Santiago de Compostela, stops in Spain on the tour to present “Days of Passage”, the new album by Federico Albanese.

The Italian composer and multi-instrumentalist Federico Albanese (Milan, 1982) was in Spain a year ago to present live his fifth album, Before and Now Seems Infinite. Thirteen months later, a new album, Days of Passage – an Ep of seven short pieces and barely twenty-four minutes long, which is also the first he has released for the XXIM Records label, a subsidiary of Sony Music – serves as an excuse for a new, short tour of Spain, which takes place at the Teatro Echegaray in Málaga (tomorrow, Wednesday), the Teatros Luchana in Madrid (Thursday 23rd) and the Cidade da Cultura in Santiago de Compostela (Sunday 26th).

Married to Jessica Einaudi, daughter of the most popular Italian composer of the last fifty years and with whom he formed the dream pop group La Blanche Alchimie in 2007, Albanese also collaborated in his early days with the man who is now his father-in-law and grandfather of his two children, which has earned him too many lazy comparisons with Ludovico Einaudi. To make things even more lazily obvious, Albanese has also focused on so-called neoclassical composition, which also includes musicians such as Nils Frahm or Max Richter, to which he adds, as recognised influences, the ambient music of Brian Eno and William Basinski.

Regarding his signing to XXIM Records, Albanese has stated that “the diversity and genre-bending nature of the label, as well as the proactive vision of its creator, are the right home for my future work”. Of the new compositions included on Days of Passage, the composer has said that they are, “essentially a journey into the imagination, almost like a dream. The music describes all the hopes, thoughts, challenges and fears that can invade us when we begin to question what the future holds”. Albanese defines it as “a kind of diary about the emotions one experiences when making a big decision in life”.

Given the short duration of Days of Passage, the concerts will include pieces from other of his albums, a journey through a repertoire that began in 2014 with the release of his successful debut, The Houseboat and the Moon.

© Photograph of Federico Albanese downloaded from his website.