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“Ars Sonora. Veinticinco años”. Various authors.

Ars Sonora is a programme on RNE’s Radio Clásica (Saturdays, at 01:00) which will be 27 years old on 6 October. It is the nexus between contemporary classical music and the non-academic avant-garde and, in addition, a focus for the creation of sound art that sometimes uses a curious radio format, with numerous exclusive musical productions for the programme, commissioned from authentic experimental figures.

Fundación Autor has published a book that traces the history of the programme, which is, to a large extent, the history of the most advanced Spanish music. To complete it, two CDs are included with fragments of these pieces, by people like Luis de Pablo, Eduardo Polonio, Luc Ferrari, Philip Corner, Concha Jerez, Francisco López, Esther Ferrer or José Iges (founder of the programme together with Francisco Felipe, who in the 80s was known by his musical alias La Otra Cara de un Jardín).