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«Loin des hommes. OST», by N. Cave & W. Ellis.

Since Ghosts of the Civil Dead, Nick Cave has composed numerous soundtracks, the latest of which – for the past ten years – have been in the company of his partner (in The Bad Seeds and Grinderman) Warren Ellis. They both shone melodically with The Assassination of Jesse James… Now, on the other hand, Loin des hommes –  by the French director David Olehoffen – is their most “experimental” work to date. The murky atmosphere of nocturnal solitude drawn by Ellis’ hypnotic violin phrases -much more protagonist than Cave’s piano- stands out, close to the most tense atmospheres of Aphex Twin or, even, to Sunn O))))’s metal drone. There are two themes in which the voice of the Greek musician Antonis Xylouris -known artistically as Psarantonis- intervenes and which refer to the disturbing (and outstanding) vocal work of Albert de Ruiter singing Koyaanisqatsi, in the most outstanding soundtrack by Philip Glass.