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“Dark Sky Island”, by Enya.

Enya is one of the artists who has shown the fewest changes of style in a solo career that has now exceeded thirty years. Dark Sky Island is her eighth album and it is the one in which the most time has passed – seven years – with respect to the previous one. That distance is what makes her return all the more valuable: an Enya fan wants what she and the couple of Nicky and Roma Ryan do, so a change would not only be commercial suicide but rude. But fortunately, Enya is not suffering from “Mike Oldfield syndrome”: neither is she bent on returning again and again to a past success, nor has she cheapened her sound. On the contrary: by taking her time, she is able, it is to be imagined, to eliminate pieces that do not exceed her standards and to keep the undoubtedly better ones. The Humming, Even in the Shadows or Pale Grass Blue, in fact, can rub shoulders (even surpass) in beauty with Orinoco Flow, so let’s welcome a majestic album full of elvish charm.