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“The Childhood of a Leader”, by Scott Walker.

The stressed and claustrophobic world that the former Walker Brothers balladeer has been showing since he dynamited the bridges with easy listening music with Tilt, in 1995, reached its highest peak with Bish Bosch (2012) and, while he was at it, he went for another “eight-thousander” in the company of Sunn O)))) –Soused (2014). Now he returns to unearth some lost corpse among those inhospitable ices with the soundtrack of a film that, without having seen it, refers to the origins of Nazism that Haneke already showed in The White Ribbon. And if the film is half as unsettling as this soundtrack, you’ll have to watch it knowing that, at times, you’ll have to cover your eyes… Walker is enough, in half an hour, to compose a devastating succession of short incidental pieces (which sound, together, like an unhealthy industrial symphony) constructed exclusively with orchestra. And no, there is no voice