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«Hell or High Water» and «Mars», by Nick Cave and Warren Ellis.

They are the fashionable pair in the composition of soundtracks for uncommercial films. Now we have two more, the one they composed for Hell or High Water (a kind of western set in the present day) and the one for the six-part National Geographic series Mars (about the supposed first manned mission to Mars, in 2033). Music is an abstract art and they both excel at it: with such disparate themes they take us to different worlds that we nevertheless recognise as their own world, characterised by desolate landscapes – just as in The Road or Loin des hommes – each with its own nuances. In Mars we feel the infinity of outer space without sounding like “glider” music; and in Hell or High Water they are epic without sounding like “western” (the classic songs of others -Townes Van Zandt, Waylon Jennings, etc.-, also present in the OST, already refer us to the country universe).