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“Didactic guide to achieve a sophisticated suicide”.

On February 22, 2018, Javier G. Entonado releases Guía didáctica para conseguir un suicidio sofisticado. A transitional album between the experimental rock of Poliedro Kobold and the later free improvisational work of Arín Dodó. It is a work of more advanced experimentation, based on rock and pseudo-jazz, which introduces off-key music, surreal lyrics and verbal automatisms in a sort of sound collage of conventional instruments, electronics, phonetic composition in several languages (English, Spanish, Romanian, Tagalog) and curious devices, such as a 1930s gramophone with slate records.

Didactic guide to achieve a sophisticated suicide

If you want to become a special person. and not the average person, follow these rules rigorously and leave vulgar suicides for other people of lesser rank than yours. Don’t throw yourself out of the window or hang yourself, this would not be allowed by the No. 1 Company in Collective Suicides.

1º Stand on a wall. You can decorate it, if you like, with a flag of your country (it is a quite honorable detail).
2º Take a gun, of a considerable caliber, and point it at the space in front of you.
3º In that position (opposite to the one you occupy) place a mass spectrometer equipped with a magnetic field.
4º Fire. This magnetic field will make the charged bullet change its trajectory and point it towards you.
5º If you can stand it, wait for the bullet to reach its destination. When this happens, you will have entered the not inconsiderable list of privileged and inimitable people. You will be invited by all, since you will have had a unique and original suicide.

We hope that all these indications have been to your liking. If you wish to know the conditions of the contract, do not hesitate to contact us.

Thank you and have a good trip!!!