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“El pus és el producte II” by Aquello que revienta.

Monserrat Palacios (voice and teapots), Miquel Àngel Marín (clarinet, voice, objects), Chema Pastor (percussion) and J. G. Entonado (A.K.A. Arín Dodó: tapes, trombone and voice) meet in the ensemble “Aquello que revienta” and publish on the Spanish label La Tatucera the volume II of the album El pus és el producte. The session was recorded in May 2021. La Tatucera is a project created by percussionist Chema Pastor that since 2016 edits sessions of experimental music and free improvisation: musical genre in which composition and performing are simultaneous attending to criteria of indeterminacy, improvisation and randomness. The concept of El pus és el producte is an analogy that refers to the substance that breaks the crust of established musical forms, in the words of Miquel Àngel Marín: “That which bursts is the crust of codification. The pus is the product, that is, the music.”