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Premiere of “Síndrome”, by Israel Estelche.

The Spanish composer Israel López Estelche (Santoña, 1983) premieres tonight at the Espacio Ronda (Ronda de Segovia, 50) in Madrid Síndrome, a piece for three percussionists, electronics and audiovisual media that deals with a journey through the psychological states and consequences of the so-called “cabin syndrome” or “cabin fever” – produced by the claustrophobic restlessness experienced when a person or group is trapped in an isolated place for a prolonged period of time. The work, which will be performed by Neopercusión, explores through music aspects of this process: anxiety, obsessive and depressive thinking, isolation, etc. and amplifies them so that the spectator can experience them through the ear. The piece is divided into seven movements or scenes/stages and lasts 60 minutes. The music goes through different stages, moving between the merely timbral and the obsessive rhythmic, always combining “a static processual textural sonority with the directional melodic”, while the electronics will help to show the spatialisation and provide a timbral-dramatic reinforcement.

© Photograph downloaded from the website of Israel López Estelche.