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Hara Alonso and Alba G. Corral open today the fifth edition of «Vang. Músicas en vanguardia».

A new cycle of the concert programme Vang. Músicas en vanguardia begins today at Madrid’s CentroCentro. The 2022 edition will pay tribute to the fiftieth anniversary of the Encuentros de Pamplona, the most important avant-garde cultural event to take place in Spain in the second half of the 20th century. Organised by the composer Luis de Pablo, with the invaluable collaboration of the plastic artist José Luis Alexanco, and the sponsorship of the Huarte family, with Juan Huarte Beaumont at the head, for the first time in Spain, musical personalities such as John Cage, David Tudor, Steve Reich or Luc Ferrari passed through the city, and a Zaj concert was held, as well as an infinite number of proposals of plastic arts and architecture, in a symbiosis never before so marked.

In the same spirit of avant-garde experimentation and creative exchange, this year Vang will offer eight concerts/events with artists from different disciplines, aesthetics and fields, to “reflect on sound from different points of view”, as Juan Pablo Polo, curator of the fifth edition of the event, explains.

The programme begins today at 19:30 in the CentroCentro auditorium in Plaza de Cibeles with a performance by the duo Hara Alonso and Alba G. Corral, who define themselves as “audiovisual chamber music”, since listening, they explain, “is the means by which the dance of the sonorous and the visual is generated”. At the opening of Vang they will present their latest joint work, Somatic Suspension for piano and electronics, premiered at the last edition of the Festival Internacional de las Artes y la Cultura de Castilla y León (FACYL), in which Hara Alonso transfers various physical experiences to the plane, covering “from the minute to the incomprehensible, from stillness to ecstasy”. The images created by Alba G. Corral accompany these processes through drawing in real time, creating a visual extension of the sound material.

The rest of Vang’s programmes are as follows: Carlota Cáceres, on Thursday 17 March, with Sshhilencio; Proyecto Ocnos, on Thursday 21 April, with Chillar todo el día, experimental opera; Sleepwalk Collective, with Psychodrama, on Thursday 12 May; Beñat Achiary, on Thursday 16 June; Schallfeld Ensemble, on Thursday 22 September; Die Ordnung der Dinge, on Thursday 20 October and Fátima Miranda, on Thursday 17 November, at the closing of the 2022 programme.

© Photograph by Alice Brazzit (FACYL), downloaded from Hara Alonso’s website.