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Sharon Fridman celebrates the fifteenth anniversary of his company with the premiere of “Exprímeme (Life in Process)” in Madrid.

The Israeli choreographer Sharon Fridman (Hadera, 1980) presents today in Madrid, at the Teatros del Canal, the world premiere of his show Exprímeme (Life in Process), with which the artist celebrates the fifteenth anniversary of the founding of the dance company that bears his name. The show can be seen on 3, 4 and 5 November at 19:45 in the Sala Verde of the Madrid venue.
Exprímeme (Life in Process) is a show, in the words of the choreographer “about what is involved in working on a process of creation in dance, considering the different aspects of the concept of performance in general and failure as an inevitable horizon”. The dancers – Arthur Bernard Bazin, Melania Olcina and Sharon Fridman herself – live together despite feeling “unable to create something common, or to connect with each other as they used to; at the same time, however, they understand that people and their desires necessarily change, as happens to everything, and that, sometimes, little can be done but to navigate the confusion”.
The audience will be witnesses and accomplice to the personal processes of the artists immersed in creative chaos: will they suddenly stumble upon beauty? Will they sink into despair in the face of impotence and sterility? In this show, the word appears on stage for the first time, and in fact, it has a special role in the history of the company. As Fridman explains on his website, “a word that guides and opens up personal territory, that confirms the marriage between dance and life. One dances as one lives, and one lives as one dances. The dialogues between the artists reveal the states of mind, the levels of attention, the doubts and conflicts that will ultimately determine the results of a rehearsal. This word, together with movement, unfolds an expansive process of consciousness about personal relationships, the artist’s place in the work, and creation in dance”.

© Photograph by Alegre Saporta downloaded from the Teatros del Canal website.