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The French magazine Diapason awards the “Golden Diapason of the Year” for contemporary music to Eric Tanguy’s “In a Dream”.

The French magazine Diapason has announced the winners of its “Diapasons d’Or de l’Année”, one of the most prestigious awards in the international classical music world. Among the fifteen albums released this year that have deserved its highest award, the album In a Dream: Chamber Music, by the French composer Eric Tanguy (Caen, 1968), released last May on the Erato label. The record consists on ten pieces featuring a variety of performers, from the Quatuor Diotima to pianists Suzana Bartal and David Kadouch, including clarinettist Pierre Génisson, violinists Alexandra Conunova and Rosanne Philippens, violist Lise Berthaud and cellist Edgar Moreau. Tanguy has said of the record that “it was born out of a desire to record chamber music that had not yet been recorded, in particular my Quintet for piano with string quartet, commissioned by the Ecole Normale de Musique for its centenary. I was very keen to feature certain artists, such as the pianist Suzana Bartal, the backbone of the album, as she plays on six pieces. The elaboration of the programme was almost like a musical composition. On paper, the project was incredibly complicated, but the realisation turned out to be surprisingly smooth. Such an album is also an aesthetic journey that, over twenty years, translates the evolution and affirmation of a language, modal in this case, although a musical composition should not be a theoretical object. My music induces consonant colours and certain zones of dissonance. Like a third way between atonalism and tonality”.

© Photograph of Eric Tanguy downloaded from the composer’s website.