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The Belgian composer Wim Henderickx died last Sunday.

Belgian composer Wim Henderickx passed away unexpectedly on Sunday afternoon. This was confirmed in a press release by the Muziektheater Transparant, where Henderickx had been composer-in-residence since 1996. Henderickx was one of Belgium’s most important contemporary composers. In March he had turned 60.

Hendericks wrote operas, musical theatre and works for orchestra, choir, wind orchestra and chamber music. The use of electronics in his compositions became his trademark. He also taught at the Royal Antwerp Conservatory and the Amsterdam Conservatory. In addition to being resident at the Muziektheater Transparant, in 2013 he became composer-in-residence at the Antwerp Symphony Orchestra. He was also the driving force behind the Soundmine Summer School for young composers at Musica Impulscentrum and received several national and international awards, until he was appointed, in 2015, a member of the Royal Flemish Academy of Belgium (KVAB) of Sciences and Arts.

2022 had been a big year for Henderickx. In May, The Convert premiered at the Opera Ballet Vlaanderen in Antwerp, which became the most successful contemporary production at this opera house so far this century. Henderickx had read Stefan Hertmans’ novel of the same name –De Bekeerlinge, en flamenco– in 2016 and already knew then that this would be his “grand opera”. This production can be seen live at the Opéra de Rouen in two performances on 4 and 6 May 2023, as well as on the platform where it will be available for free until 18 January 2023.

© Photograph by Peeters Georges downloaded from the Wim Henderickx website.